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For every person you refer who completes a BELLA Pavers project, we’ll send you $500 check. There is no limit to the amount of $500 referral rewards you can collect. 

Bella Pavers Referral $500 Program Terms and Conditions

  1. You do not have to be a Bella Pavers customer to be eligible for this program.

  2. You may not refer yourself.

  3. Only one referral per address.

  4. You may only refer a customer once and receive $500 once. If that referral completes an additional project, it is not counted as a new referral.

  5. Bella Pavers will verify status regarding referral. For example, if the person’s name and address is already in Bella Paver’s system, that person won’t be considered a new referral. The referral must be newly entered into the system as your referral prior to the first appointment. The referral must meet with a Bella Pavers design consultant within 30 days of referral to qualify.

  6. A referred homeowner cannot be considered as a customer until their Bella Pavers project has been completed – with at least a $7,500 purchase price, within a year of being referred to Bella Pavers.

  7. If two or more people refer the same new customer to Bella Pavers, Bella Pavers will determine who referred the customer first. If that can’t be determined then the credit will be rewarded to both parties.

  8. It must be perfectly clear to Bella Pavers that a customer is actually a referral from you prior to their first appointment and not from a different lead source (i.e TV, radio, newspaper, event, etc). A referred customer must state they are a referral prior to their appointment.

  9. The customer must state you referred them. You cannot call Bella Pavers claiming a person already in the system is your referral.

  10. Please allow 4-6 weeks after a customer’s project has been completed and paid in full before the $500 referral check is sent.

  11. Liability for any federal, state, and local taxes that may apply to referral fees paid to you are your responsibility. Any required tax reporting forms will be furnished to the Internal Revenue Service.

  12. Referral entries that are lost, late, illegible or incomplete for any reason will not be eligible, and Bella Pavers reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this promotion at any time, without notice, and to disqualify any entry in good faith.

  13. Bella Pavers has the right to verify and disclose referral/referee information.

  14. Bella Pavers can choose to pay a Referrer their referral fee by applying the money against any balance due under a contract the Referrer may have entered into with Bella Pavers.