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We have an outdoor design team with a portfolio of exceptional designs that have been created and installed for homeowners throughout San Diego County for several years. Our designers are not average, and our design process is not average. From the moment we meet, you will know you are meeting with the best san diego landscape designers in the industry. 

BELLA's Designers have a reputation for sophisticated, out-of-the box outdoor living design. All of our designers have years of experience in the outdoor living industry, they have gained a reputation for creating pavers designs and adding elements that other people simply have not considered. When others were thinking straight lines, our designer was thinking curves. When others were thinking single color, we were thinking multiple blends.  When others were thinking wall-to-wall pavers, we were thinking pathways. When others...well, you get the picture.  Our designers are a game changer in the pavers and outdoor living industry.  If you want a show-stopping pavers design, a jaw-dropping custom-built barbecue, a driveway, pool deck, or back yard that will awe your friends and change the way you think about outdoor living, We will deliver.

Our first step in the design process is to sit down with our clients and learn about their family and their lifestyle. We take notes on how your family lives, what they enjoy, and how they use their property. We often see things that they themselves don't see and we can implement design elements that will fit the family personality and be relevant to the family as they grow. We are not ordinary brick layers, we are artist and that shows in every stone that we lay. While most companies lay straight lines of brick with minimal cuts to save time and money we go the extra the mile and hand cut each stone. Our design elements and extra effort is the difference between a standard home and an extraordinary home, with Bella you are buying the quality design and execution that will create a million-dollar look in your family largest investment, your home. 

Once we finish our meeting with you we will work hard on your design. Our designer implements each and every detail that will be important to your family and hand draw your perfect landscape after taking detailed measurements of the property. We will submit our drawings to you for approval and walk through your property with you to make sure each space is what you want. if any changes need to made we can easily accommodate those changes. Our designs elements also often integrate various stone and color tones to give proper shadowing between patios and pathways and light and dark spaces in your landscape. These artistic elements are what will make your property look like a million-dollars compared to thoughtless bricklaying. We consider each home as a fresh pallet and take into consideration your styles from traditional to  modern landscape design san diego style. We make sure that your home fits within its surroundings and offer san diego landscape design ideas and work towards your individual project preferences. 

Included in our designs are the thoughtful integration of underground elements that are required for proper installation of a long lasting investment. These integrations include proper grading and underground drainage systems to assure that rain and runoff drains to the proper areas of the property, underground piping for irrigation, landscape lighting, speaker wire, and data cables. These elements all must be thought out during the design process so that the underground infrastructure is in place before your hardscape is installed. Our designs will make it easy for you to have access to all of these elements at anytime through thoughtful layout and access. 

The best part is that our design services are completely free of charge to you with a signed project contract. We will make sure that we create your perfect landscape and you will be satisfied with your decision for years to come. Bella Design Pavers & turf offers affordable landscape design san diego and full service san diego yard design with any outdoor feature imaginable. We service all Areas of San Diego County including north county san diego landscape design services and are a award winning san diego county landscape contractors!